Thursday, November 25, 2010

Articles on Saving Money at Christmas

These articles on saving money at Christmas encompass most of my "Quips and Tips" blogs -- including Quips and Tips for Money and Love, of course!

You don't need to spend a lot of money at Christmas to enjoy the season and show your love to family and just need to use your head. And, start thinking about Christmas shopping early, because waiting until the last minute is a sure-fire way to rack up the credit cards over the holiday season.

10 Ways to Save Money at Christmas – Holiday Gift Shopping Tips - is a great article by the financial experts at There are a few creative ideas there, but others that I wonder about. For instance, they suggest having a "card signing party" as a way to save money at Christmas. I've been avoiding sending Christmas cards because postage is so expensive, opting for an email holiday letter instead. Am I being too cheap?

6 Spiritual Ways to Create Financial Abundance - is about accumulating money more than saving it. I'm including it as an "article on saving money at Christmas" because it focuses on your inner richness and financial abundance. These concepts lead to peace and joy, which is what Christmas is all about!

Christmas Shopping and Saving Money - shares last minute money saving tips, such as giving a cow or goat for Christmas. Perfect for loved ones who have everything!

Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas - 8 Holiday Gifts for All Ages - shares several Christmas gift ideas that aren't expensive, such as an electric toothbrush (which I'm getting for someone!) and sunglasses with UV ray protection.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends - Creative Holiday Gifts - includes several low-cost holiday gift ideas, such as investing in an experience and planning a Christmas Day treasure hunt.

How Do I Pay Off Credit Card Debt? 6 Ways to Get Out of Debt - is for those Christmas shoppers who tried to save money at Christmas, but still wound up in debt!

Gathering these articles makes me think I should write more articles on saving money at Christmas. I don't have enough to choose from. And, I want to get more specific, such as "Saving Money on Christmas Decorations." Good thing writing is my full-time job :-)

If you need gift ideas, read Articles on Christmas - Holiday Gift Ideas -- it's another roundup of Christmas Quips and Tips articles.

Merry Christmas -- and Happy Saving Money at Christmas!!

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