Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Articles on Christmas - Holiday Gift Ideas

These articles on Christmas focus on holiday gift ideas -- and I loved writing them, because now I know what I'm getting my husband for Christmas! Shopping slays me at any time of the year, much less at Christmas.

Make your Christmas shopping easy by browsing online -- and start early.

Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas - 8 Holiday Gifts for All Ages lists eight holiday gifts that revolve around health and fitness. I'm buying my husband the first thing on the list!

Best Video Games for Christmas - Holiday Gifts for Gamers was my favorite article on Christmas to write -- it was a blast! I can't wait to try Donkey Kong Country Returns.

SmartPhones for Christmas - The Best Holiday Gift Phones describes the latest phones. Some aren't out yet, but will be for Christmas.

And my last article on Christmas holiday gift ideas is Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers -- one of my most popular articles on Quips and Tips. Smart students start shopping for holiday gift ideas for their teachers early.

Yup, it's not just smart kids -- smart adults know that the best way to do your Christmas shopping is to start early. This year, I actually know what I'm getting my husband for Christmas AND his birthday (which is a couple weeks before Christmas).

He also mentioned a leaf blower, which makes me want to write more articles about Christmas -- ones that revolve around putting yourself in your loved one's shoes! I'd never, ever want a leaf blower for Christmas. Would you?

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