Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best Ways to Propose Marriage

The best way to propose marriage to your girlfriend or boyfriend depends on you, your relationship, and your inside lovers' jokes! These tips for proposals will get you warmed up and ready to propose...

Best Ways to Propose Marriage

Propose the way she would want! Is your most romantic idea of a marriage proposal a big flashy sign at a NY Knicks basketball game? Sounds exciting, but it may not be the best way to propose marriage to your girlfriend. Put yourself in her shoes: what is her favorite way to be loved and wooed? What’s her "love language"? The best way to say "I love you" is to put yourself in her shoes. Match your marriage proposal to her personality and lifestyle. Ask her to marry you in a way that reflects your love and relationship.

Let your personality shine through. When you propose marriage, include your own personality traits and lifestyle -- not just your efforts to use her “love language.” For example, I don’t like to play fight or wrestle with my husband, and we have different senses of humor. So, to remain true to who I am, my marriage proposal wouldn’t just involve wrestling or his comedic style. I'd try to find a way to propose that reflects my personality, his personality, and -- most importantly -- our relationship. A marriage proposal should remain true to both partners' perspectives -- just like a happy marriage celebrates both spouse's personalities and lifestyles.

Expect to be nervous – and be honest about your feelings. My husband was shaking when he proposed, and said he couldn’t believe how nervous he was! Asking someone for their hand in marriage is a huge step – regardless of whether the person who proposes is a man or a woman. So, expect to get a little sweaty. Also, be honest about how nervous or scared you feel when you say “I want to marry you.” I loved that my husband told me how nervous he was, because it showed his vulnerability and love for me. It made him more human and lovable. Be nervous, and share your feelings about proposing marriage.

Know the key to a happy marriage. A husband’s emotional engagement is the single most important factor in determining marital happiness – wedded bliss – for a wife. University of Virginia researchers found that women care more about being understood, having their needs met, and spending quality time with their husbands than money or household chores. Remember that knowing the best way to propose is just the first step to a long, happy married life together!

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What do you think of these ways to propose marriage? I welcome your comments below...

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