Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best Ways to Earn Extra Money

What are the best ways to earn extra money? It depends on your skills, interests, current job, and even your blogging ability! Check these tips out -- you may find something you didn't even know you were looking for...

Best Ways to Earn Extra Money

Find ways to maximize your income. Are you due for a promotion or raise at work? Does your employment make full use of your education and training? Can you take courses that will elevate you to the next level in your career? Can you create sources of passive income? This all depends on your job situation, work environment, and even the city you live in…but it’s worth exploring.

Activate two money saving tips a month. There are smart ways to save money everywhere – the internet, books, your rich old aunt, on placemats at funky restaurants. Don’t try to implement every money tip you find; instead pick two a month. Focus on making those two tips a habit. In a month or six weeks, find two more money saving tips to work on. This way, you’re not overwhelmed with a million ways to save money – and you’re steadily progressing towards financial abundance.

Use a cash back credit card.  There are several types of credit cards rewards programs, but keep it simple. When you earn a dollar in rewards, take a dollar — instead of merchandise or vacations. The best way to use your credit card’s rewards program is to remember that you’re better off spending less money or earning more money, not accumulating more possessions or more debt. Points programs can be restrictive, and a free plane ticket can lead to an expensive hotel room and restaurant meals. Whether you get a statement credit or a check in the mail, remember that cash back makes more sense than other types of rewards.

Live from your vision, not your circumstances.  Creating a vision is difficult, but once you know what you want for your life (such as being credit card debt free, or paying off your mortgage), you have a framework for your future finances.  Your circumstances will never get you closer to your goal; only your vision can guide you towards what you want. If your goal is to earn extra money, act like someone who is already financially successful and responsible (and don’t go nuts with your credit card!). To achieve your financial goals, focus on what you want — not where you are.

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What do you think of these ways to earn extra money -- can you think of better ways? I welcome your tips below!

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